Parent Sanity Savers-Central Valley Today Segment

Today I was asked to host a segment on Central Valley Today called Parent Sanity Savers.  As a very busy mom I'm always looking for ways to save time, energy, and money.  Anything that gives me more time to spend with my family gets two thumbs up.  The first item is the Ronco Ready Grill which is an indoor cooking system that prepares food in about 20 minutes; even frozen food.  So if it's 5:00 p.m. and you forgot to thaw chicken that morning you don't have to order pizza you can throw the chicken into the Ronco Ready Grill and get delicious grill flavored chicken quickly and indoors no less.  It cooks just about anything with Infrared technology.  It's easy to clean as the parts are dishwasher safe.  You can find more info at

Mama Boxes are great gifts for the mom-to-be.  They are care packages geared towards each trimester.  They include 10 products either sample or full size and include items like snacks, morning sickness remedies, and more.  You can find more info at

Food Huggers are a great invention.  If you've ever had to throw away a half eaten apple you will love Food Huggers.  They come in a variety of sizes and are made of silicon.  You put them over fruit and veggies to extend the life and freshness of the food.  They can also be used on jars and tupperware.  You can find more info at

Lastly, I can't stand lugging an infant in a baby carrier and trying to put them in a shopping cart.  It's never secure and I can never see around the baby.  Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammocks solve this problem.  They are super light weight and roll up small so they fit perfect in a purse.  They attach to most shopping carts and you just strap the baby in once the hammock is secure.  You can find more info at

Thank you Central Valley Today for having me; it was so much fun as always!

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