Elf on the Shelf 2015- Part 2

Day 12:

 Day 13: Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt throughout the house

Day 14: Jingle left Emily another warning note for not taking a nap.  (Since this warning she's taken a nap every day except 1- total win considering naps were happening 50% of the time before the Christmas season)

Day 15:  Jingle brought Rudolph's Hot Cocoa

She's obsessed with this headband, ugh!

 Day 16: Jingle brought Santa's personal phone number.  Emily lit up like the Christmas tree.  I wish I could have recorded her face when she listened to the message.  She then left a message for Santa with her name and wish list.  It was priceless!

Day 17: Jingle used photo props and took a selfie.

Day 18: Jingle brought Elf plates, Magic Reindeer Food to sprinkle on the lawn tonight, and a goodbye letter.  I have a tear:(

Here we are again with this darn headband.

So Jingle moved every day but between being out of town twice and being busy, some days didn't get photographed.  Don't worry, you aren't missing much; Jingle's game was fairly weak this year.  I can't tell you how many nights I was in bed when I remembered that stinkin' elf needed to move.  One morning Emily said, "Let's go find Jingle!" My response was, "Oh wait one minute in your room!!!!"  Quick where do I throw this *******?

Last year I said the Elf didn't do anything for behavior.  Well this year was a completely different story.  It did wonders for behavior modification and those warnings were clutch!  I just need an Elf all year long.  Don't worry I'm working on that invention now.

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