Trusting Turtles-School Days-November

In the month of November Emily's class learned the letters Ff, Ss, Oo, the numbers 5&6,  the color brown, the shape triangle, the math concept was patterning, and the bible verse was, "It's good to give thanks to the lord."  Emily also got to celebrate her 4th birthday with a little class celebration.  Voa Voa, Madi, and I joined her class for the party; I brought mini cupcakes for her friends to enjoy.  Turning 4 seemed to be a really big deal to Em.  She told everyone for days that she was 4!  The fun continued with their Thanksgiving Feast a couple of weeks later.  They had mac & cheese, chicken nuts, carrots, fruit, and turkey cookies.  Emily chowed down!  I came to the feast to celebrate with Emily and her friends.  We're very thankful for Shining Star.

Moving her name from the 3's to the 4's.

Working on her thankful feather for class.

A picture of Emily with friends fell off of here.

Emily filled up another good behavior chart and got a smelly pencil from the treasure chest.

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