What's In My Bag....

I love a BIG purse; bigger the better to a certain extent.  My purse is my command center, so I wanted to share with you what gets me thru my crazy days.  My go-to bag is my Louis Vuitton Neverfull; it's a great size, stylish, durable, and has easy access.  I always have these following items in my purse and sometimes a few extras like my laptop, a binkie, a diaper clutch, and sippy cups.  Without a doubt though I have my wallet, makeup case (with no makeup in it), my sunglasses, my business card holder, a pen, and a bottled water.  My makeup case holds lip gloss, band-aid friction block (which I swear by and love), Tylenol, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, protein bar, and perfume. My purse is usually quite heavy but I'm totally prepared for the day and whatever life will throw at me.  What's in your bag?  What can you not live without?

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