Elf on the Shelf 2015-Part 1

Here is part 1 of what mischief our elf Jingle has been up to around our house:

Day 1: Marshmallow bath

 Day 2: He used toothpaste to write on the mirror

Day 3: Teepee'd the Christmas Tree and left Emily a warning note

That note did wonders!!!  Emily learned Jingle and Santa mean business when it comes to good behavior.  Now she'll catch herself and say, "Oh Jingle is watching I better behave."  Can we get this elf all year round?

 Day 4: Jingle trapped Emily in her room

 Day 5: Hanging from the fan

Day 6: Powdered Sugar Snow

 Day 7: Jingle playing Candy Land with Ariel and a baby

 Day 8: Hanging from a candy cane trapeze

Emily reprimanding Jingle for naughty behavior:) 

 Day 9: Hanging out in Emily's stocking

Once again scolding Jingle... 

Day 10: A sprinkle angel 

Day 11: Hide n Seek in the Christmas Tree

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