Morro Bay Trip

One of my best friends, Pam and I had the brilliant idea of taking our 4 littles to the coast for the weekend.  Ages were 4, almost 3, 18 months, and 1 month!!! Yes you read that right and yes we are crazy.  The theme of the weekend was "we survived".  We headed to the coast on Friday morning and made a lunch stop at Bravo Farms in Kettleman.  This was my first time stopping here and it is so nice!  They have a fabulous gift shop, ice cream shop, restaurant, play area, and a bar (I found this too late and missed out!).  We had lunch and then headed to Avila Valley Barn.  We got to talk with Santa, feed some animals, and eat yummy ice cream.  We then headed to the Marsh's beach house and just ate dinner in.  The next day we enjoyed relaxing at the house then breakfast by the water in Morro Bay. Before leaving Morro Bay we went to the "aquarium" to feed the seals.  We then walked the pier in Cayucous where the waves were huge.  Once we were way out the whole pier shook and I couldn't get off fast enough.  Last stop was brown butter sugar cookies which are to die for.  We made it to almost Kettleman before Emily got car sick and puked everywhere.  It was a joy!  We made it home Saturday night all in one piece and I love that we are making memories.  My husband and Pam grew up together and took several family trips when they were young.  I'm so glad we are continuing the tradition!  Thank you Pam for taking us on the coast trip.

12 meltdowns, 11 animals, 10 tantrums, 9 million hugs, 8 silly faces, 7 cow rides, 6 hours driving, 5 spilled drinks, 4 kids, 3 seals, 2 mamas, and 1 Acadia=PRICELESS (WE SURVIVED)

Showing Santa her shirt!

Please look at my face.  You feed the seals with other fish-ewwww!

Car selfie as we pulled into Fresno.

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