Cuddle Up and Get Cozy

I greatly prefer the hot long summer days but every now and then I love a gloomy rainy day.  Today I'm getting my fix because it has been raining all day.  The rain here in Central California is definitely welcomed and we will take what we can get.  Unfortunately this morning I had lots on the to-do list so I was out and about but this afternoon I've been able to sit down with a warm cup of tea and enjoy the rain.  One of my favorite sounds is the sound of rain falling.  On days like today I need something extra warm and cozy to cuddle up in but I want it to be something presentable to be out and about as well.
This is my latest winter mom-iform if I don't have to do anything for work.  A chunky sweater, black skinnies, and my Adidas Baseline tennies.  I can't believe I'm wearing Baselines again.  These were the "it" item when I was in middle school and part of high school and then they fell off the face of the earth.  It's so funny how cyclical all fashion is; it's sure to come around again.  (This is why I hold onto some of my trendy items forever.  It paid off for my wide leg jeans!)  Anyways, I'm loving this look and wanted to share it with you.

If it's extra cold I throw on my slouchy beanie.

This is a blooper photo...  I have no idea why I was giving this face but it just cracks me up.  I guess this is where my daughter's get their RBF!

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