From The Mouths of Babes

Every now and then I like to share some funny, sweet or memorable things my kids are saying.  I'm mostly documenting this for myself but if I can share a laugh than why not.


Emily has been wanting her ears pierced since school started because a few of her friends have them.  She asks on a regular basis if she can get her ears "peeled."  It cracks me up!

Right before Kevin left for out of town recently she told me, "I'm going to pray for daddy in my heart while he's gone.  He's always close to me in my heart even when he's not here."

Emily was singing, "I smell the blood of an Irish Man..." stops and asks, "what is an Irish man."  I explain that is his ethnicity.  Emily, "What is ethnicity?" Me, "It's where someone is from originally." Emily, "Where are you from?" Me, "Well Voa is Portuguese so her family is from Portugal so part of my family is from Portugal."  Emily, " So where am I from?" Me, "Well some of your family is from Portugal and the rest I have no idea." Emily, "I KNOW.... I'm from God."
This sweet soul never ceases to amaze me.

This one takes the cake....
Emily tells me, "Your the best mom in the world!"
Me: "Thank you sweet girl."
Em: " When I was in heaven with Jesus I saw that you were going to be the best mom ever and I chose you."

I stumbled upon this text message program called Quiz for Kidz that sends you a text message question each night to ask your child.  It's a way to engage with them.  I don't read them every single night to Emily but I usually ask her several at a time.  Here are some of the questions and answers that I wanted to remember:

What's one new adventure you want to go on this summer?
Lego Land

Would you rather live on a submarine or a train?
A submarine

If you made your own pizza what toppings would you put on it?
Cheese, Pepperoni, Olives and Mushrooms

Imagine you lived under the water like a mermaid, what would you make a bed out of?
A seashell

If you had to change your name to a vegetable what would you change your name to?
That's a silly one!!!  I guess a potato.

You get to go on a picnic to your favorite place where is that? And what's in your picnic basket?
Disneyland and the park
Sandwiches and blankets to sit on

What's one place you've visited that you can't wait to go there again?

Would you rather be able to jump really high or run really fast.
Run really fast; I run really fast already.

If trees could talk what would they say?
Ho Ho

If you could send any gift to someone what would you send and to who?
I would make a gift for daddy and send it to him and it's going to be real tools.


Madi is no longer super delayed with her speech.  The kid doesn't stop talking now and she's absolutely hilarious!!!  I'm laughing all day long with this kid (either that or pulling my hair out).

Recently she told her sister, "No, you, call me, Madison Foreman, sissy!"  I put all the commas because her speech isn't fluid.  She didn't want Emily to call her sissy but her full name.  She's just too funny.

This week she's added, "seriously!" to her vocabulary.  "You went pee pee, seriously?!?!"
"Daddy at home?"
ME: "No, he's at work."
ME: "Yes, seriously."
"Oh, darnit!" (A word she's not supposed to say but how do you not laugh?)

She told my mom, "My armpits hurt."  What two year old talks about armpits?!?!

At dinner she asked for parmesan cheese on her noodles (which at the start of dinner she said no to) then says, "My want cheese my guess, my changed my mind." (She almost always says MY instead of I.)

I tell the girls all the time, "I'm such a lucky mommy."  So I guess that's where Madi got this one... She told me she loved me this much-with hands out stretched and then I reciprocated.  She then says, "I'm such a lucky Madison Foreman!"

I was telling Emily that she wasn't allowed to get my note cards out and use them and Madi says, "Sissy bad girl!"  I told her no sissy isn't a bad, she just wasn't supposed to do that.  Madi replies, "Well, that's a problem!"

These girls bring so much laughter into my life.  I suppose I had a really boring life before them (either that or really peaceful!!!).

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  1. Love reading your blog and especially how your oldest daughter, Emily wants her ears pierced. This reminded me of a funny experience with our two girls, age 4 and 2. Our 4 yr old wanted them done and kept asking over and over. I was unsure so asked our ped. Surprisingly, she encouraged me to saying it was best when mommy could care for them during the healing period rather than the little girl who might forget and get an infection. Also, she gave me some tips for moms having their dd's ears pierced. They included how to find the right person, where to take her and some OTC meds to minimize any discomfort. I decided to wait. Little did I know it wouldn't long :)

    I didn't have long to wait. One day, dh calls out to me from the family room asking me to come in there. Our 4 yr had gotten a pair of my earrings and was asking dh how to put them in her ears! She almost put one in her ear canal! Dh laughed and told me to take her to have them pierced before we had to take her to the ER to remove an earring!

    At this point, I was ready and told dh I started seeing other little girtls in the church nursery and another little girl in our playgroup with earrings. I finally realized how cute our little girl would look with cute earrings and granted her wish. I yielded to pressure from dh, my mommy
    intuition and knowing how cute all the girls would look with little earrings. Almost in a spur of the moment, I decided to go ahead taking her to Piercing Pagoda where our ped recommended and following her other suggestions.

    When our ODD got home and showed daddy her pretty earrings, he asked why we hadn't pierced our 2yr dd's ears pierced too! I didn't know what to say, but then our 4 yr chimed in saying she wanted her baby sister to have matching earrings too. My family was ganging up on me! Admittedly, I hadn't even thought of doing it, however, the manager at Piercing Pagoda had asked me if I wanted her little's sister done too, but I didn't think daddy would approve so I passed. Little did I know everyone else in our family wanted my baby girl to have her ears pierced! What could I do?

    Well, guess what...both of my girls got their ears pierced ears within days. Both girls are adorable with earrings and they cried for 15 seconds max. There was no problem caring for them as our ped reassured me.

    What age is appropriate? Well, I think when your're ready and willing to care for them to be sure they'll heal properly. This said, agree with you, piercing is a big deal, but that is why is it best for mommy to care for them as our ped says. When your YDD sees them, it won't be long before she starts asking too. I would recommend doing both girls. Care for their ears
    was easy and they will look precious with little earrings.

    If you're unsure or would just like a little more info, then I'd be happy to send our ped's suggestions. They made it a good experience for all of us! Promise your girls would look adorable in their holiday pictures with cute little earrings!