What is #momlife to you?  Let me share with you that I am STRUGGLING with #momlife currently. We are in the season of struggle I suppose.  My girls are sharing a room and getting up well before dawn almost every day.  It doesn't matter if I cut nap or put them to bed later they still get up way too early.  I'm woken up every morning to either screaming and crying (resulting from a fight) or a poopy diaper in my face ("Mom I pooped" and as I roll over the diaper is held out right in front of my face) or who knows what else.  I don't remember the last time I woke up naturally or to an alarm and had a few moments of peace before the insanity started.  Not only are my girls getting up way too early but Madi is very moody and throws a fit over everything unless it's exactly her way.  Emily is very patient with her sister but even so fights tend to happen all the time.  Neither of my girls are listening well and I think a huge part of our problem is they are tired so their behavior is worse.  The days are so long and I'm completely drained by the time my husband steps foot in the door every night.  Not only are my girls challenging right now but normal life has to go on like laundry, work, cooking, etc. I'm waking up every morning and screaming a big UGH inside my head but my very next thought is this is just a season in time and I can't even count my bountiful blessings.  I have to remind myself that some people would kill to have screaming children running around whether they have experienced a loss or chronic disease or could never even have kids.  I try to count all the blessings over and over.  The fingerprints on the fridge, the high octave screams, the toys I trip on, the tantrums all mean I have healthy and vibrant children.  The stubborness means I have independent children. The tantrums mean I have strong willed leaders.  The cryers mean I have emotional little people which means they have heart.

I have been beating myself up lately because I feel like I'm failing.  My patience is so thin and there's no worse feeling than hurting your little girls feelings.  If I ever make a mistake I always apologize to my girls but I still feel horrible in the end.  #momlife to me is getting up every day and cherishing it and doing my best.  I used to think #momlife was balancing work, home, friends, family and everything else but as I swim through this tough time I'm realizing #momlife means loving your little ones unconditionally and loving yourself for doing your best.

These pictures below pretty much sum it all up!  Juggling a work call and crazy kids and then getting maybe one moment of peace where everyone looks and smiles!

This photo makes me pee my pants.  My diva is perfectly posing and I'm trying to wrangle Madison---all too often and familiar...

Everyone now and then you have to embrace the crazy and just have fun!

So how does your #momlife differ?  What does it mean to you?  How do you deal, cope, thrive?

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