Double the Trouble

Since Madi was getting out of her bed and running into big sissy's room every single day we thought might as well put them together in one room.  I know one day they won't be excited about this but they were busting at the seams with excitement to share a room.  As I was putting Emily's new bedding on we were talking about moving Madi into her room.  Emily says, "Yes we can now have a playroom."  I answered, "No, maybe something else can go in that room." Emily, "Like what?" Me, "I was thinking a nursery."  Emily almost exploded with joy and says," You're getting a BABY!!!" Me, "OOOOHHHH NO, back that train up I was just saying maybe one day but not right now."  I totally burst her bubble.  Anyways they were thrilled to join forces and we now have double the trouble.  It's been a challenge for sure with very early wakeup times.  Luckily only the first day was tough at nap and they've been very good ever since.  However, getting up early in the morning and playing is still a problem.

As I was planning the "merge" I started thinking about what I wanted the room to look like.  We had recently received new bedding for Madi from Beddy's and to say we are in love with it is an understatement.  So I knew right away that I wanted to same thing for Emily.  Making beds in the morning is such a breeze; I never have to make a bed because the girls can master it.  Emily has been making her bed for a very long time but the OCD, Type A person that I am always had the hardest time not fixing her bed after she was done.  The sheets would always hang out and the comforter was lopsided.  Now the bed looks perfect every time.  In case you missed all the great features from a previous post I will remind you.  The fitted sheet, flat sheet and comforter are all one piece that zips together.  Beddy's stretches around the mattress like a fitted sheet and almost works like a sleeping bag on top.  The fabric is superb quality and one of the pieces is Minky fabric.  I told Emily the next time she stays with Voa Voa I am going to sleep in her bed because I am so jealous of how comfortable it is.  To see more details from my first Beddy's post you can check HERE.  Beddy's now offers a Beddy's Buddy which Emily received with her new bedding.  She was thrilled when she opened the package to see Buddy and she loves sleeping with her.  She also loves pretending to read Buddy's story with her sister.

Madi had a monogram over her crib when she was a baby and I thought it would be stunning for both girls to have monograms over their beds.  I was so thrilled to find D + Three Designs to make Emily's monogram.  Diana was such a pleasure to work with and she was able to get me exactly what I wanted.  When looking for a monogram I learned that most companies give you a raw monogram that you have to paint.  D + Three will paint the monogram for you so that everything is totally complete for you.  I don't know about you but the less I have to do the better, lol! D + Three Designs offers so much beyond monograms; the options seemed endless.  The turnaround was quite quick and the quality is very good.  I just needed to add the ribbon and hang.  Since Madi already had a monogram I painted it white since I decided I wasn't using any black in this room.  I think these monograms complete the room and are like the icing on the cake.

Since the girls have laminate flooring I took Madi's rug from her old room and put it in between their beds which adds warmth and style.  To embellish the bed I made a fabric banner that I attached to the bed posts.  They are so easy and forgiving to make, they just take a bit of time.  You can find my how-to DIY HERE.  During the Christmas season the girls have a small Christmas tree in their room with pink embellishments and special ornaments.  When Christmas is over I will be looking for a standing chandelier for this space as well as a few other items to make their room sparkle.

"I smile because you are my sister, I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it."

D + Three Designs: FacebookInstagram and Etsy
Beddy's: Facebook, Instagram and Website

Bedding and Monogram received in exchange for this review.  As always all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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