I'm not ready for Christmas to be here!  Not because the presents aren't wrapped or the house isn't decorated but because I'm not ready for the season to be over.  I love listening to Christmas carols all month long, getting the girls dressed in festive gear every day, praying around our Advent Wreath every night and just soaking up the joy that fills the air during this time of year.  Every year I feel like the season goes by faster and faster and every year I'm not ready for it to be over.  We checked off most of the items on our Christmas Bucket List but it's just the feeling of Christmas that I don't want to end.  I BELIEVE in the spirit of Christmas and that is why it was the theme of our Christmas cards this year.  I've already shared our cards with you but not all the amazing photos.  

I BELIEVE in faith, I BELIEVE in family, I BELIEVE in Christ, I BELIEVE in joy, I BELIEVE in loyalty, I BELIEVE in love, I BELIEVE in kindness, I BELIEVE in laughter, I BELIEVE in gratitude, I BELIEVE in hard work, I BELIEVE in forgiveness, I BELIEVE in trust, I BELIEVE in friendship, I BELIEVE in hope, I BELIEVE in Christmas.

"The bell rings for all who truly BELIEVE.  May the magic of Christmas remain in your heart and the sound of the bell in your ear."

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