Staying Warm in Winter

Tis' the season for red, warm, comfy and cute.  I fell in love with buffalo check and Hunter Boots last season and my love continues this year.  I've always loved red and I can't get enough of it during the holidays.  A couple of weeks ago temps really dropped around here and it's COLD (it's all relative I know---I freeze when it's in the 50's).  I kept the main parts of this outfit really simple because my boots are a statement piece.  May I give you a secret tip???  My Hunter Boots are children's because I'm only 5'1".  The adult boots cut me way too high and a huge bonus is they are much cheaper!  So if you are vertically challenged like myself opt for a child's size.  To tie everything together I'm wearing my buffalo check vest.  I also have a love affair with vests; I seriously own too many.  I love them so much because they add so much warmth but I don't have to sacrifice style.  I also love the option of layering; as the temperate changes through the day you can add or remove.

Praise the Lord we have actually been getting some rain here in Central California.  Not only do we desperately need it but then I get to bust out my buffalo check umbrella, HELLO!  I do have to say I sacrificed function for style on this umbrella.  There's not a one-touch open button and when you are in the pouring rain and have your hands full that actually makes a difference.  I speak from recent experience, lol.

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