Emily's Swimming Lessons 2015

Today Emily finished her swim lessons for this year.  She did 11 lessons with Teacher Leah from Bullfrog Swim School.  We decided this year to go to their pool since it was heated.  Last year our pool was freezing during her lessons and I felt like I was torturing her.  She loved just about every second of swim lessons this year.  She was never timid or afraid.  Her favorite part was diving to the bottom.  It's so funny because that was my least favorite as a kid.  She learned to use her octopus arms, goldfish kicks, and to take a breath (not perfected though).  She's also working on floating on her back.  She can jump in and swim to the side and get out all by herself.  She's a little fish and we're so proud of her.
Thanks to Bullfrog Swim School for teaching our little fish.

P.S.  No surprise to anyone but Emily's biggest struggle was keeping quiet during her lessons.  She would come up for air and start chatting away.  The teacher and I were constantly telling her to zip it.  LOL

Saving herself with clothes on so she knows the feeling if she were to fall in clothed.

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