Fresno Friday-Skywalk

Today 7 mommies and 10 babies and toddlers went on an adventure to Skywalk and then lunch at Panera.  It was AMAZING how well behaved everyone was.  We actually all sat down to eat without one tear or tantrum.  I would call that a miracle!!  Anyways most of us had never been to Skywalk out past Children's Hospital and it was fantastic.  From 10-11 am every weekday it's just for children under 6.  It's $6 for a child and one adult is free.  Madi was also free.  On the weekends it's $10.  The hour with just young kids was great.  We were there past 11 and it did get a little full and a bit wild.  The facility is amazing with lots of trampolines, foam pits, and obstacle courses.  I think this is a great outlet for kids and I found it very reasonable.  Two thumbs up for Skywalk.

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