Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Trip

My mom purchased Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Wristbands at Emily's school picnic this Spring so last week we decided to take a quick trip and use them.  On Thursday we headed to the coast.  We arrived about lunch time and ate corn dogs on the Boardwalk; a must when visiting.  We then rode lots of rides and had so much fun.  In the later afternoon we played on the beach which the girls loved.  The weather was great on Thursday.  We had dinner at a new favorite spot on the pier; Woodie's Cafe.  It's a quick spot to eat but good food and a great view.  We couldn't pass up Marini's on the Wharf and had ice cream cones.  We headed to the hotel very late.  My girls can't miss one single second so since we were all in one room they didn't want to sleep.  Mind you we didn't have any naps and we played hard all day.  Regardless of that Emily fell asleep at 9:45 (bedtime is 7 pm for both girls) and Madi was after 10:00 pm!!!!!!  Still up early the next morning too.  UGH!!!!
Friday morning was cold and totally overcast so we did a little shopping.  We ate lunch at The Farm in Soquel which is a yummy little stop.  We promised Emily we would go to the beach again so we made the trek despite the weather.  Also Madi fell asleep on the drive down to the beach so I carried her in her carrier so she could sleep.  It was almost impossible; I'm so pathetically weak.  Emily played for a little bit on the beach but it was so cold we didn't last long.  Mid afternoon we headed to Gilroy for a little shopping and then headed home in the evening.
Thanks Voa Voa for tickets to the Boardwalk.  We had so much fun!  Our girls trips can be totally hectic and bit stressful but love the memories we make!

White chocolate covered Oreo.

Madi LOVED the carousel.

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