Mommy Monday-Fresno County Libray

If you have kids and don't frequent the library you are missing out.  Especially this summer because they have a Summer Reading Challenge.  The challenge runs from June 13- August 2.  After your child reads (or reads with you if they are too young to read) 2, 5, 8 and 10 books they receive a prize at the library.  The prizes range from novelty toys to free lunch at BJ's.  Once they get to 10 books they are entered to win a Kindle Fire HD.  There is also an adult summer reading challenge. 12 kids and 2 adults will win a Kindle.
In addition to the challenge there are craft days, movie nights, workshops, and children's performances.  Emily and Madi also love going to the library to play with their toys.  They have a kitchen, tables, chairs, couches, lots of toys, and a computer.  Emily also loves picking out books to read at nap and bedtime.
Check out their website to see more info and to find your nearest branch.

This picture and the next cracked me up!

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