Connected 24/7 and Unplugging

It's not too often that I get to escape for a hot cup of tea where I can cozy up to a good book.  But when I get those moments I sure cherish them.  Even when I can sneak away my phone and practically my laptop are always by my side since I'm a Realtor.  You never know when you're going to get a call for the next deal.  Since my technology is always within arms reach they are like accessories for me and keeping them cute but protected is really important to me.  My technology has to be pretty tough for all that I put it through.  I'm lucky to have Speck Products to keep my phone and laptop extra safe.

Speck iPhone Products are military grade-drop protection, patented one-piece multi-layer design, patented raised bezel screen protection, precision-engineered slim fit, perimeter port and camera protection, lab-tested durability, resists UV yellowing, and responsive button protection.
The MacBook Air hardshell case is a see thru case which prevents scuffs and scratches.  It's a lightweight design so it doesn't add extra weight to your laptop.  Rubberized feed make sure that your laptop won't go slipping around.  Speck cases have been lab-tested against extreme temps, cracks, chemicals, and abrasions.

From casual reading to getting a message from work.
Now onto business...

I try to find ways to unplug because it gets exhausting to always be connected.
Here are some of my ways to disconnect and unwind:
1. Read
2. Hot bath
3. Drink a hot cup of tea
4. Girls night out
5. Blog
6. Social Media stalk, lol
7. Chat with a girlfriend on the phone
8. Watch Junk TV
9. Walk (with girlfriends, I can't do it alone)
10. Eat something sweet (I don't recommend this but I'm totally addicted to sugar so it literally is like a release for me to eat something sweet.)

Since so many of us are "on" 24/7 what are your ways to unplug and decompress?

Speck phone case given in exchange for this review.  As always are opinions are my own and completely honest.

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