Easy Like Sunday Morning

Don't you consider it a win-win if your outfit can be cute and comfy?!?! I sure do!  This is one of those looks.  It's easy, breezy but right on style if you ask me.  I'm taking off the shoulder right into Fall or as I like to call this time of year Fummer (Fall-Summer).  It's still warm out but not quite as hot as the peak of our summer.  I love the weather when I can wear a top and jeans and be perfectly pleasant.

What's really exciting about this look is I found the top at my local TJ Maxx.  I have been shopping there a ton lately because it's right next to an appointment we have weekly.  I'm always shocked at what I can find and for nearly pennies!

I pretty much don't leave the house without all my arm candy.  I think it polishes off just about every look.
I also think that your purse does the same thing.  I've added a basic LV clutch to finish this look.

We all know I love this top because it was affordable and off the shoulder but I also love the colors which are perfect for fall and I love the vertical stripes which are totally flattering.

What is one summer trend you can't live without this fall?

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