Friday Favorites 9/9

I love/hate a short week.  One on hand you get to the weekend faster but my weeks fly by as it is so a short week can be a negative thing too.  Over Labor Day weekend we went camping with family in Shaver.  My girls are the perfect blend of girly girls and down and dirty.  Both don't mind getting dirty and rouging it.  We hung out by the campfire, fished, played games, sat on the beach, and ate way too much food.  It was so much fun minus freezing to death in our tent on Saturday night.  It got down to 41 degrees and yes I know us Californians have no idea what cold is.  Regardless I almost froze to death.
There was also a screaming toddler at the next camp that screamed from 1 am to 2 am before I got out of our tent, walked over to their camp, and gave them a piece of my mind!!!  Needless to say I got no apology nor did they do anything about it.  The kid was quiet for about 4 minutes after I yelled at them and then he screamed again till 3 a.m.  I never fell back asleep.  The parents never tried to console him nor put him in the car and drive around until he fell asleep (like any normal respectable human being would do!!!).
Despite the cold and crying it was a great and memorable trip.  Thank you Ramirez' for hosting us and showing us a great time.

Potty training doesn't stop for camping.  This little girl went about a dozen times on her little potty on daddy's tailgate.  It was so cute and totally funny.

Jordan is the best big cousin.  He helped Emily with all the rock climbing and coached her through it.  It was so sweet.

Those two little dots at the top of the rock are Emily and Jordan.  The rock was huge!  My fearless girl.

I'm still totally IN LOVE with my NuMe Classic Curling Wand but I recently decided to upgrade my flat iron (More details to come). 

I have fabulous news for my readers.  If you click the link below and use the code DOUBLEDEAL you can get both a flat iron and curling wand for $59 with free shipping.  Normally the two would cost $278. This is a crazy good deal that you shouldn't pass up!!!

But don't wait the sale ends midnight on September 11th.

On Labor Day we took a quick trip to the lake with friends.  It was a relaxing day on the water.

Most of you know that I am obsessed with all things pumpkin.  I'm so excited to start making and devouring anything and everything pumpkin.  One of my favorites this week is the pumpkin cookie that was brought to me by a friend just because!  How sweet was that?!?!?

I just closed an escrow and received a fruit bouquet as a thank you.  I am so touched when clients go the extra mile to thank me.  I have the best job and best clients!

It's always exciting to be featured by others.  Ooh La La shared with their readers about my segment on CBS 47 This Morning.  I was so honored to be on their feed!
I'm also loving this new top I snatched from Ooh La La for football season.  I love a graphic tee and this one is extra comfy and easy to wear.  Check out Ooh La La for your game day gear.

I was also featured on cbs47fresno.  I loved doing the segment this week with Julie Musgrave; she was an awesome host!  You can read more about the segment HERE.

I finally got to take my silly goose to her Little Gym class.  My mom and mother-in-law have had to take her due to my work schedule but I got the pleasure to take this dare devil this week.  We had so much fun spending one-on-one time together and just being silly.

We had our monthly PINC meeting last night and afterwards I ran into the owner of Press Box in the parking lot.  He insisted we come in for a little fun.  I just love a spontaneous night!!!

Emily came home today with a complete sticker chart for good behavior.  I'm one proud mama!  She gets a sticker each day if she doesn't pull a red card- so no red cards since school started:)

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  1. Looks fun! Stumbled upon you from the Friday linkup! My husband is from Fresno originally (but we are in Sacramento now) but we always talk about going camping at Shaver.