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This is a Groupon Sponsored post.  As always all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

When I plan trips whether they are quick getaways or family vacations I try to plan out an itinerary of things for us to do.  I'm a type A, planner personality so by nature I like to have things mapped out.  I also love to find fun and new things to do to add some flair to our trips.  Even more than I love planning, I love finding good deals.  The cheap side outweighs the planner side, lol!!!  When planning a trip you need to check out Groupon for dozens of fun ideas at an affordable price.
Right now I'm planning a little trip to LA with girlfriends and I was checking out what Groupon has to offer; I was excited by all the possibilities.  

I love following all things celebrity so the Hollywood Sign Tour and Celebrity Home Tour are right up my alley.  These would be something totally different than what I usually do on my LA trips and I would get to save money by using Groupon.

I'm not a huge sports fan where I like to watch games on TV but I do love a good time so I love going to live games because it's about the atmosphere not just the sport.
Something I've never done in my countless trips to LA is go to a professional basketball game.  Groupon has discounted tickets to the LA Clippers and several other sporting events.

Who doesn't love wine tasting???  A wine tasting trip with my girlfriends would be perfect for our quick getaway.  That's one thing I love about LA is the variety of things it can offer.

Something I don't get too often living in Fresno is theater opportunities.  When I travel to big cities I love seeing plays or musicals.  Groupon has countless shows at unbelievable prices.

Wouldn't it be so much fun to see a movie in a park?!?!  It seems like something right out of the movies.  This is just another fun activity that Groupon offers.

They offer Things To Do in so many locations so be sure to check it out around you or when you're planning a trip.
You won't break the bank but you will seriously step up your travel plans.  Forget the on your own site seeing or watching a movie in a theater- check out Groupon!

To find Things To Do with Groupon click HERE.

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