In Between Summer and Fall

Luckily it stays quite warm in Fresno past the summer months.  I say lucky because I only like warm weather!  Everyone is crying for cooler weather but not me.  Don't get me wrong there are so many things I absolutely love about fall but the cooler weather isn't one of them.
Until true fall is here my wardrobe does need to change slightly from rompers and off the shoulder dresses.  One of the summer trends I'm not ready to give up is the cold shoulder.  This cold shoulder top is perfect for the Summer/Fall Transition because it's 3/4 length sleeves.  I've paired it with some white skinny jeans and wedges.  Like I said it stays pretty warm for awhile so the wedges still work.  As it gets even cooler I'll add booties to this look.

I love a look that also transitions within my day.  I could wear this to work for a slightly more casual work day but it also is great for running errands and chasing the girls around.  It's completely comfortable so it works for whatever the day brings.
That's the perfect MOM-iform if you ask me: cute and comfortable!

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