Friday Favorites 9/23

I'm a broken record for sure, but holy hannah this week was crazy busy!  Like over the top fun and busy!  We have a just as busy and fun weekend that I can't wait for.

Our great friends Mandy and Ava invited us to the zoo and Madi and I were thrilled to join.  I always love if I get to do something fun one-on-one with my girls.  It was so quiet at the zoo; it was fabulous!

This was the closet we've ever got to the tiger! ROAR!

On Friday's we Flamingle!!!

Feeding the giraffes is always a highlight.

Thank you so much to all of those who helped nominate me for the CV LUX Awards Top Realtor. I was selected as 1 of the 5 nominees and now the voting is open. The survey is very short and I would love if you wouldn't mind clicking the link and voting for me.
I am passionate about my job and helping people find their dream home. I am humbled by the recognition of something I love doing.

On Saturday morning we had Emily's friend, Charly's birthday party at Pump It Up.  I've known her parents Chris and Anna for several years and Charly and Emily went to preschool together and now TK.  They are such a sweet family and we loved being able to celebrate Charly.  Emily had a blast of course!

Saturday night we had my cousin, Megan's wedding.  She was an absolutely gorgeous bride and the whole wedding was equally stunning.  Not only was everything just perfect we had so much fun the whole night long.  I loved seeing so many of my cousins that I don't get to see often enough. 

I'm pretty sure I was meant to be a Perry sister!

We couldn't miss National Hamburger Day... We gave Fancy Burger a try and we were all very pleased.  I can't wait to go back and try their Pineapple Shake!

It's a super fabulous week when you get to go to Dancing With The Stars.  On Monday night some girlfriends and I headed down to LA for a bit of fun and a live taping of DWTS on Tuesday night.  A full post will be coming soon.

I celebrated the first day of Fall with booties, a hooded sweater vest and a PSL of course.  I might have even enjoyed the crisp weather.

OMG the baby of the house moved to a big girl bed!  She was so geared up for it but I was dreading it immensely.  I wanted to keep this wild girl in a crib until she was 10 but for weeks if not months she let herself out of her crib so really what was the point?!?!  Yesterday I tried first at nap and she got out twice and I put her in a pack-n-play.  Then she got out a million times and never slept.  So I was really worried about bed time.  Like always, kids fool you...Kevin put her down and that was that we never heard a peep.  Say your prayers for us that this continues.

I took a new listing this week that is absolutely gorgeous with a fabulous location on Bluff.  You can check out full details HERE.

Bring on the weekend (and the caffeine...I'm gonna need it!).

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