Elf on the Shelf Part 1

Jingle the Elf returned this year and threw the girls a North Pole Breakfast.  He's been up to a lot of mischief since he's been back.  Here is part 1 of what he's been up to.

Day 1:
Fixing Emily's remote control car.

Day 2:
Taking an elf bath in marshmallows.

Day 3:
He stole Emily's toothpaste and wrote a smiley face on the mirror.

Day 4:
Jingle trapped Emily in her room.

Day 5:
Just hanging out in the Christmas Tree.

Day 6: 
Hanging out in the wreath.

Day 7:
Jingle had a candy cane scavenger hunt for Emily.

Reading her note, like she can read!

Showing Jingle that she found all the candy canes.

Day 8:
Hanging upside down like an acrobat.

Day 9:
Silly Jingle brought snow from the North Pole.

Day 10:
Jingle convinced Princess Elsa to use her snow magic and build Olaf.

Day 11:
Jingle, Elsa, and Ariel were playing Lucky Ducks.

Day 12:
Jingle brought Emily a new slinkie and was trying it out.

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