Elf on the Shelf Part 2

Day 13:
Jingle put Rudolph noses on Emily's picture and himself.

Day 14: 
Jingle was hiding in the basket in the laundry room.

Day 15:
Jingle brings back Santa's phone number so Emily can call him.

Day 16:
Jingle just hanging out.

Day 17:
Jingle went M &M diving.

Day 18:
Jingle joined the Nativity.

Day 19:
Jingle hangs out in the White Tree.

Day 20:
Jingle plays photographer with Emily's toys.

Day 21:
Jingle got a little messy with Emily's stickers.

Day 22:
Jingle went zip lining.

Day 23:
Jingle's last day.  Jingle wrote a good-bye letter to Madi and Emily and brought them Magic Reindeer Feed to sprinkle on the lawn tonight to help guide the reindeer to our house.
I was seriously sad to see this note from Jingle because it meant that the season is over:(

The note on the feed says, go outside and take a peek. So Emily ran to the front door to look for Santa's reindeer.

Jingle added a lot of cheer to our house this year.  It was so fun to play along with him.
If I'm completely honest he did nothing for behavior.  He's a bit like the boy who cried wolf.  When Em would misbehave I would tell her Jingle was going to tell Santa.  She would get sad and say, "So he's not going to bring me any presents?!?!"  Let's be real, she's getting presents no matter what so I'm not sure Jingle is the best idea for correcting behavior.  We'll keep him because he's lots of fun but not sure that I will use him as a behavior tool.

Until next year Jingle... we will miss you and can't wait to see you real soon.

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