Mommy Monday-Christmas Traditions

This Mommy Monday I'd love to share some of our Christmas Traditions.  You might know by now that I LOVE traditions.  Christmas is likely my favorite holiday so I thoroughly enjoy our traditions during this glorious time of year.  A lot of these traditions started when I was a little girl and some we've created since we've had Emily.

1. Driving around to see Christmas Lights
We usually walk down Christmas Tree Lane but we decided to pass this year.  Not only did I have work events both walk nights but honestly I'm just about over Christmas Tree Lane.  It's been a disappointment the past couple years.  Last year we did Candy Cane Lane in Clovis and that was awesome.  We plan on doing that again this year along with driving around to find Christmas lights, which is something I've done since I was a little girl with my mom.  It's like a hunt for Christmas cheer.

Last year's walk down Candy Cane Lane with the Marsh's.

2. Building Gingerbread Houses
This is another tradition from when I was a little girl.  I believe I've done it every year of my life.  Now it's lots of fun to do with Emily.

Last year's gingerbread house

3. North Pole Breakfast
This tradition we started last year.  Jingle our elf from the North Pole arrives during this breakfast and it's our kick off to the season.

4. Decorating the House
My mom and I always decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving and I've continued this tradition in our home.  Since I love Christmas so much I love to enjoy the season as long as possible.  So I decorate on Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.
This was the first year we put a tree in Emily's room. It was a blast decorating her tree together.

5. Christmas Gear
I love decking the girls out in Christmas gear.

6. Advent Wreath
I've had an advent wreath every year that I can remember.  The past few years we light our advent wreath every night and read a passage from the bible.

Last year's advent wreath

7. Making Christmas Cookies
Nearly every year my mom and I make Christmas cookies for Christmas Eve and Day.  I'm hoping this year we will do it with Emily.

8. Reading Twas the Night Before Christmas and leaving out cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeer.
This is yet another tradition that began when I was very little.  Now after coming home from festivities on Christmas Eve daddy reads Twas the Night before Christmas and we lay out cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeer.
Pics from last year.

9. Reading Christmas stories all month long.
Last year Emily got to open a book a day counting down to Christmas.  So this year we have lots of fun books to read to get us in the spirit of Christmas.  This is also a great way to teach Emily about the true meaning of Christmas.

10. Listening to Christmas Tunes.
The day after Thanksgiving the radio stays on 98.9 so we can listen to Christmas music all month long.  Emily and I love singing to all our favorite tunes.

11. Visiting Santa
Since Emily was 1 we've visited Santa in Fig Garden Village during their holiday open house.  We love this tradition of getting to see Santa and having a fun day.

12. Writing a letter to Santa
Last year Emily wrote her first letter to Santa at Macy's because they donate to Make A Wish Foundation for every letter they receive.  We plan on doing it again this year.

13. Nativity
I've had a beautiful nativity for many years and now that Emily is getting older I set it out with Emily and try and teach her about the meaning of Christmas.  We also have a play nativity that we have out for Emily to play with at any time.

14. Attending Christmas Eve Mass
My entire life we've attended Christmas Eve mass opposed to Christmas Day mass.  I love going to mass and then going to Christmas Eve dinner, followed by opening gifts with our family.

15.  Counting Down to Christmas
Each year we do some type of countdown to Christmas.  One year I did an envelope for each day of the 25 days of Christmas for Kevin.  Last year we did a book a day counting down to Christmas and this year we're doing a cut out Count Up to Christmas.

Thank you Patricio's for giving this to us.

I'd love to hear your Christmas traditions.

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