Mommy Monday-Family Photos 2014

This Mommy Monday I want to share and show off my family.
Recently we took our family photos.  I tried to kill multiple birds with one stone because during this session we took our family photos, Emily's 3 year old photos, and Madi's 6 month photos.  It was a lot to cram into one session but Gwen Hawkins who took our photos did a fabulous job as usual!  She is extremely patient and good with the girls.
Madi was particularly difficult; she chewed her bottom lip almost the ENTIRE session.  She's almost never done it since so I have no idea what was going on?!?!  Emily did well for a portion of the session but was distracted by the owners of the property, their dog, and a tow truck that visited during half the session, lol!  I was so nervous I wouldn't like any pics but with Gwen's amazing skills I'm very happy with what we got.

Here are our photos and our Christmas card:

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