Mommy Monday-Guilty Pleasures

I believe that all moms need guilty pleasures.  It's a way to keep your sanity during those tough or tiresome days.  I have a handful of guilty pleasures that I thought I would share.
At the top of my list is The Real Housewives series.  I love The Real Housewives of anywhere but OC, Beverly Hills, and Jersey are my favorites.  I can't wait to watch these episodes.  I think these shows make me feel more "normal," lol.  I don't take pleasure in only this series, I also love shows like The Bachelor, The Kardashians, The Millionaire Matchmaker, etc.  I do have to say though that my two favorite shows, How To Get Away With Murder and Castle, are not "junk" like the others.

The Internet is another one of my guilty pleasures.  Facebook, Pinterest, IG, and this blog top the Internet list.  This blog is an outlet for me to share fun things we're doing and it makes me happy to share our happiness.  I love seeing what friends and family are doing on FB.  I especially like it to stay in touch with out of town family and friends.  I feel like I can stay connected without ever seeing them.  I like IG more than FB because I like the photos more than the posts.  I can't say enough about Pinterest.  I spend way too much time (and money) on Pinterest and I want to try every craft, recipe, remodel that I see on Pinterest. 

Those who know me, clearly know that one of my biggest guilty pleasures is sweets.  I have a huge sweet tooth and would love to survive on desserts.  Some of my favorite treats are Hungry Bear, YoDiggity, and Oreo Heaven that I make.

When it's warm outside laying out with a book is one of my absolute favorite things to do.  If I add a cocktail to the mix it's even better.

When you have two young children hanging out with friends becomes a guilty pleasure.  I love the time I get to hang out with friends; whether its for dinner, happy hour, a game night, or a holiday party.

I'd love to know what you're guilty pleasures are.  What do you do to survive the stress? The work week?  The crabby kids? etc?

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