Online Shopping with Ebates

If you know me you know I'm cheap, I'm a bargain shopper, and I love a good deal.  When something is way I sale I get a rush!!!!  Years ago I was googling coupon codes because I was making a large purchase on Home Depot.  I ran across Ebates and at first thought it had to be a trick.  After doing some research I signed up and quickly learned that there is no catch; it's really free money.  According to their site, "Ebates is the pioneer and leader of online cash back shopping. Ebates pays members cash back every time they shop online as well as provide them with the best coupons and deals online. Founded in 1998, Ebates Inc.'s websites have paid over $325 million in cash to its members. That's why millions of people have joined Ebates, and we're excited you are ready to start earning cash back, too."
You go to first, search for the online retailer you want and then click on the Shop Now button and Ebates tracks your purchase at that online store.  Each retailer offers a different percent back and you get paid quarterly and all your purchases made through Ebates.  I've gotten hundreds of dollars back and it's super exciting!!!!  If you haven't checked out the site click HERE to get signed up.  What are you waiting for?!?!

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