Baby Shower Gift Basket

I love giving a gift basket for any occasion.  They are fun, cute, and great way to give a variety of gifts.  Recently I helped host a baby shower for my dear friend Mary.  I was very excited to give her a gift basket I put together with the help of Finn + Emma, BinxyBaby, and MilestoneBaby.  Finn + Emma sent me two reversible bandana bibs and teething ears in the Robot Collection.  All Finn + Emma products are made with G.O.T.S. certified materials.  They are organic cotton, non-toxic, and made with eco-friendly dyes.  The material is the softest ever and are perfect for a baby.  The original baby cards from MilestoneBaby help document all the milestones of the baby's first year, "I'm 1 month old", "I can sit up", etc. There are 30 photo cards to use while taking photos with your little one.  The BinxyBaby Shopping Cart Hammock is revolutionary for shopping with your infant.  I always hated lugging the baby carrier to put in a shopping cart because it was soooo heavy and at 5'1" I could never see over the top of the carrier while pushing a cart.  Where was the BinxyBaby shopping cart hammock when I had babies?!?!  I didn't get to benefit from it but I was thrilled to give it to Mary for her benefit.  The hammock hangs in the shopping car and you put your infant inside like a sling.  It's super light weight and folds down very small.  You can just keep it in your car for the times you will need it.


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The following photo is adapted from BinxyBaby:

The following photos are adapted from Finn+Emma:

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