School Days- Trusting Turtles-June

Wow another year in the books and Emily is off to TK!  Just like everyone says you blink and its over.  Emily is growing up so fast and she grew leaps and bounds this year in school.  She made major strides in her academics and continues to be a shining star.  She is always so positive, kind, and loving.  She was named the class greeter because she gave everyone a hug hello and goodbye.  Her teachers said she was such a blessing to the class; that couldn't make us more proud.
In the month of June, Shining Star had their end of the year performances and Emily was a star on stage.  She knew every word and dance move and smiled from ear to ear from start to finish.  After the performance we went to her classroom for an open house.  We got to see her work for the year and it was such a fun night.  The last two days of school were crazy hair day and hat day.  Emily always love something new and was so excited to celebrate these special days at school.
Shining Star was such a blessing for our family.  We loved the school and teachers so much.  It felt like family and it was the best feeling to know that Emily was learning about faith every day in school.
Thank you to the staff of Shining Star for treating our little girl like a precious gift.

This little girl loved her teachers as you can see here...

Crazy hair day with three ponies and three bows.

Last day of school was Hat Day.


First Day of Trusting Turtles and Last Day of Trusting Turtles (August 2015-June 2016)

First Day at Shining Star and Last Day at Shining Star (August 2014-June 2016)

This was a strange feeling watching my first baby do her TK assessment.  She did fabulously!!!  She didn't know every letter and sound but she was very attentive, sociable, and patient.  The teacher said she was more than ready for TK.

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