My Big Fat PINC Party

I've belonged to Philanthropy Inspired by the Needs of our Community since 2009.  PINC is a non-profit organization comprised of young women which raises money for other local non-profit organizations.  Since the inception in 2008 we've raised over $250,000.  We volunteer in the community throughout the year but we throw a huge annual event in June to benefit that year's beneficiary.  This year Feed Our Future was our deserving beneficiary.  Feed Our Future is a non-profit which provides food to chronically hungry elementary children who have little or no food over the weekend.  If it wasn't for Feed Our Future these children might not eat over the weekend.

The 2016 party was this last weekend, My Big Fat PINC Party at Sunnyside Country Club.  In my opinion this was the best party yet.  We had a nearly sold out event and it was a total success.

A huge thank you to everyone who volunteered, donated, attended, and supported PINC and FOF.

If you are interested in learning more about PINC or donating check out our website HERE.
If you want more info about FOF check our their website HERE.

Some of my fave ladies headed to the PINC Party.

PINC Members 2016

My dear friend Emily

Some of the decor...

I'm not going to lie, I'm obsessed with Boomerang..

#fabfive #stepandrepeat

Christina and I are the queens of the wine wagon.  We sold 104 raffle tickets at $50 each; the value was over $1900.  We worked that room like nobody's business and sold every ticket!!!
#winewagon #soldout #saleswomenoftheyear #donttellmeno #OPA

One of my besties, Pam

Working hard

Our new friend and hopefully PINC member soon, Anna

I'm so grateful that my mom, hubby, and MIL support me every year and attend.

At the end of the night us cheapo's stole the flowers to decorate our own homes.
Thanks Will for being the best cousin-in-law and suffering through that car ride with my flowers!!!

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