Swim Lessons 2016-Bullfrog Swim School-Part 2

The girls have finished their first set of swim lessons for this year.  We have another set that we will do either late summer or early fall.  Both girls progressed so much this year.  Madi is kicking and holding her breath for what seems like forever to me.  She can turn towards the wall and climb out (she initiates the turn herself some of the time). Emily can swim the length of the pool all by herself and she started to learn the breaststroke, backstroke, and the butterfly.  She also can do a double flip underwater which isn't something they taught at lessons but something she taught herself.  
I have two little fish on my hands.  I can mostly trust Emily but Madi is now a swimming nightmare because she has the confidence but no skills to actually take a breath.  So you can't take your eyes off of her for a half second; she just goes!
We really loved Bullfrog Swim School this year and are so thankful for their instruction this year.

Bathing Suits from Target

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