Summer Smoothies-Featured in the Fresno Bee

My mornings are almost always a mad dash around the house to get everyone ready for the day and out the door.  One of my solutions for a crazy morning is Frozen Smoothie packs.  I prep several Ziplock baggies ahead of time with individual servings of spinach and fruit.  The simplest version is a big bag of pre-washed spinach and a large bag of frozen berries that I split into the baggies.  Sometimes I add in fresh fruit that I have around the house and what's even better is pulling out a prepped bag from the freezer and adding in any fruit that is getting too ripe in the fridge to eat on its own; this significantly cuts down on food waste.  
Each morning I pull out a frozen baggie, add Almond Milk, sometimes protein powder (and too ripe fruit) and blend.  Within a few minutes I have a breakfast ready to go.  The girls also love these and I usually give them a small portion from my drink.
Today I am featured on showing my Frozen Smoothies.  You can check out the video here:

The article HERE

There will also be an article in the Bee tomorrow (6/15/16)

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