Friday Favorites

I haven't done Friday Favorites before but I have so much to share from the past week I thought I better start a Friday Favorites so I can combine all the fun into one post. 

My first FAVORITE is a serious favorite because my girlfriends Christina, Rema, and I started a local women blog's group called Fresno Fab Females.  We started this group because we believe in women supporting one another and uplifting each other.  We also wanted a group where we can share our strengths and get ideas, tips, and tricks for our social media.  Recently we met for happy hour to kick off our launch.  It was such a fun night getting to know each other and talking all things social media!  I left super excited and inspired by all the lovely ladies.  Check out my Instagram for more details.  Also stay tuned the first Friday of every month for our Fresno Fab Female Follow Friday.  I will be introducing the ladies to you and I'm excited for you to get to know all these women.

Madi started speech therapy in January after we had her evaluated in December due to some concerns.  A VERY long story short she was hearing under water and we've got that figured out now.  Not only can she hear clearly now but she attends speech therapy once a week and has progressed leaps and bounds.  I am so proud of her and how hard she works in speech.  It's not easy for a two year old to sit on their bottom for one hour, pay attention, and practice talking.  Here are a couple of recent videos of her during a speech session.

During the summer we try and do group playdates once a week.  Last week was the zoo with 15 little kids!!!!  It was organized chaos for sure.  Chaotic or not it's totally fun.
Our zoo is pretty amazing.  Last year they opened African Safari and it feels like a little Africa right in our own backyard.  Our favorite part is feeding the giraffes.

To celebrate Father's Day we had donuts then went for a little hike down to the San Joaquin River which is extremely close to our house.  We enjoyed the walk but I couldn't believe the amount of trash and homeless encampments along the beach, YUCK!
After our hike we enjoyed lunch at Jack's and then my mom brought us dinner.  It was a nice relaxing day.  You can see my Father's Day letter HERE.

Yesterday we went with our besties for a walk and then we played at Todd Beamer Park.  It's a great park with lots of play equipment and a small water park.  The water is on daily during the summer starting at 9 am every day except on Tuesdays I believe it starts at noon.  There is also a Snow Cone Vendor out there but we went really early yesterday so we missed it.  That was the negative part about going early but the huge positive was no one was there.  As we were leaving it turned into a zoo (around 10:15 am).
Going to Todd Beamer Park is on our Summer Fun Bucket List.  You can check out more on that HERE.

Since I'm posting so late in the day I figured I might as well post about today's playdate at Wild Water Adventure Park.  I only took Emily because it's too hard for me to keep eyes on two little ones in the water.  We had such a blast soaking up the sun and playing in the water.
Playing at the Water Park was also on our Summer Fun Bucket List.  Look at us with all these checkmarks in one week:)

Have a great weekend!

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