Kevin's 31st Birthday

I am way behind on blogging so I'm just getting around to sharing Kevin's 31st birthday.  A couple of weeks ago we celebrated at his mom's house for dinner the day after.  On his actual birthday we had a yard sale and then Kevin had to work at the Caruther's Fair so it was a fun-filled day for him, lol!  We had a yummy steak dinner and ice cream cake for dessert, Kevin's absolute favorite.
I love an opportunity to celebrate my husband.  He is not only a very hard worker but he is an amazing husband and father.  Even though he works very long hours he never misses an important moment in the girls lives and he'll bend over backwards to help me with work or to give me a break.  He never hesitates to let me have a girls night or even get away for the weekend.  While I'm away I know that he has everything totally covered.  I don't know too many women who have this luxury and I sure don't take him for granted.
I also am beyond blessed that he is the best role model for our girls when it comes to showing them how they should be treated as future women.  Even though he leaves before I get up he always kisses me good morning and good bye.  He greets me with that same kiss when he walks in the door at night.  Just recently he walked in with a single rose he cut from our yard.  Emily wanted to know whey he gave it to me and he said, "Just because I love mommy!"  It's these little things that are great examples for our girls.  My prayer is that one day they will find someone as half as good as their father.
Happy Birthday Kevin!

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