DWTS-Andy Grammer

The highlight of my night at DWTS last night was Andy Grammer.  I took a photo with him but then later in the night I saw him still standing by us and I went back up to him to ask him for a huge favor.  I told him my daughter was almost four and every time we get in the car she asks me to play Honey, I'm Good because it's her favorite song.  So I then asked him to shoot her a little video.  He was super generous and kind to send Emily a personalized video. 

We ALL love DWTS in this house and this was us watching it today.  Even Elsa joined in on the dancing...

Emily watching "the guy who sings Honey, I'm Good."

Emily telling me why she is sad....(She wanted him to sing Honey, I'm Good.  Sorry Gene Kelly)

The CUTEST video ever....

Emily watching her personalized video....

Thanks Andy Grammer for such a special present for my little girl.  She has played the video a 100 times and is dancing around the house with it!

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