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I just love a graphic tee!!!  They are casual and comfy but totally cute for all your daily activities.  Not only are they cute I love the personality and style they add to your outfit.  I was very excited to partner with Hanna of OriginaliTee Too because this is one of the best graphic tees I've seen.  It reads, "Not "just" a mom."  I loved this for me because I think it applies in several ways.  First of all, I never like to think that stay at home moms feel like the are "just" a mom.  It is the hardest job in the world.  A stay at home mom may not earn an income but she is working just as hard as a working mom.  I thought this also applied to me in a different way because I am a hybrid stay at home mom and working mom.  As a Realtor I work from home a lot of the time but I also have a full time job and earn an income.  So this tee meant for me that I'm not "just" a stay at home mom but also a career woman.  Lastly, I loved the idea of this tee because I'm not just a mom; I'm a taxi cab driver, a consulor, a butt wiper, a chef, a booger picker, a jungle gym, and lap to cry on, a snuggle buddy, a friend, and list goes on and on.  OriginaliTee Too makes several edgy yet inspirational graphic tees and tote bags.  You've got to check out Hanna's shop because it is just so fun!  Thank you OriginaliTee Too for working with me.

Photo adapted from OriginaliTee Too

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The following photos are adapted from OriginaliTee Too:

1. About me - I'm a Christian, wife, mom to two daughters, friend, crafter and lots more. I love to enjoy life. I love being around and inspired by positive people. I like being silly and just being me. I love to create beauty, whether it is through fashion, home d├ęcor, party planning, etc. I love pretty things!

2. My company - One day I realized that being crafty could become a business. I have always stayed home with my children while my husband worked outside the home. So starting a business at home was not only fun and a way for me to be me, but also a way to bring in some additional income. I started a few years ago when my girls were younger making hair bows and embroidering clothing. Now that they are older, I'm focusing more on the things that I love and wear.

3. Lesson in business - I guess the greatest lesson for me is to never give up. Sure, change things up, but don't give up! I haven't made it to the level of success that I would love to have but I'm still working at it. It's been a struggle for me to get my items in front of the right people. At first I would criticize myself, but after a while, I realized that it's all about finding the people who are looking for what you've got!

4. Best tip - Besides not giving up, I guess the thing I value the most as an online business is great photography. If customers can't see and feel the item for themselves, they need to see how someone else can style it and make it awesome for them. It gives inspiration as to how you can make it look great for you!

5. Normal day - My normal day looks like this ... taking my girls to school, gym, errands, shower, creating, social media time ('cause you know everyone does it!), picking my girls up from school, snacks, homework, dinner, tv with my hubby, bed. Phew! Then one day a week during the weekdays includes my women's connect group, Wednesday night youth service, and volunteering at school.

6. Inspired by - I am inspired by people like Lysa Terkheurst who are comfortable enough with themselves to be who they are and be positive, encouraging, and transparent. I value openness and honesty. I'll admit that I don't have it all together and I love it when other people will too because then we can all grow and learn from each other.

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