Fresno Friday-The Big Fresno Fair

You must live under a rock if you live in Fresno and don't go to The Big Fresno Fair.  We go every year and love our tradition.  There is tons of yummy junk food to eat (fried anything!), lots of rides and games, great concerts, endless vendors to browse, and my favorite the horse races and the drinks that go along with the race experience.

While I was out of town last week Kevin took Emily to the fair for dinner and for rides.  They had a great time according to Miss Em.
After I returned home the four of us went as a family.  Again we went for dinner and rides.  We met up with the Serpa's and had lots of fun.  Thank you for treating us!

On the last day of the fair I went with Gina to the horse races.  I usually go the first Friday of the races but I was out of town.  It wasn't quite the same going the last day as it is going opening day but we still had fun.  I made two different bets one for $10 and one for $3.  I lost both times and since I'm such a big spender that was my limit!!!!  Thank you again Gina for taking me on Sunday.

Oddly enough Emily had the same outfit one week apart, lol

It was National Dessert Day and so I had to try this Pumpkin Chiffon.  It was pretty darn good!!!

Emily asked Kevin when they went to the fair for this Elsa doll.  He didn't get it for her and she sure didn't forget about it when we went back as a family.  She asked the whole night so on our way out we got her the Elsa doll.  She loves it very much!

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  1. Daarling, I love your blog but I do not think all of us who do not attend the Fair could be considered living under a rock. I used to enjoy the Fresno Fair immensely growing up, but it's crowd has become very lowbrow over the years (many ill-mannered attendees, fighting involving police intervention, etc.)

    As to the horse races, I attend a lot of high society events in town but could never convince myself to attend the opening Friday with everyone else. Sitting in uncomfortable seats, in the heat, watching people blow their money and get drunk on cheap beer has never been my idea of a glamourous time. For me horse racing is only fun if it is the elegant pageantry of the Queen's Box at Ascot or drinking mint julips along with the elegantly hatted on Millionaire's Row at the Kentucky Derby (or Derbydown in Fresno's case). But then again I am known to be tres cultivé and a bit old fashioned in my views. Glad you had fun though and love your blog!