Mommy Monday-Proud Mommy

My blog has really been lacking on Mommy Monday and my documentation of things my girls are doing and saying.  Today I'm wanting to get back to this because this is one of the most important parts of my blog; keeping a diary.  Emily's preschool teacher shared today that "Emily was given a gift from God to be kind and friendly to everyone. She never excludes anyone and her joy and enthusiasm is genuine."  She's told me several times in the past that Emily is the official class greeter.  Emily has the biggest heart I've ever seen and she's never met a stranger.  She's genuinely kind to everyone and meets everyone with a bear hug.  My heart explodes with happiness to hear such feedback.  I'm proud that we taught her kindness but we can't even come close to taking all of the credit.  Her teacher hit the nail on the head when she said God gave her a gift.  My wish is that she never loses this quality or her innocence.  I also hope that she can teach this kindness to others around her (including me)!  God bless you baby girl.

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