School Days-Trusting Turtles-September

In the month of September Emily's class reviewed the letters i,t, l, and learned tT, Ll, Jj, numbers 1 & 2,  the color red, the shapes circle and square, the math concept was sorting, and the bible verses were, "Obey God," and "I will sing to the lord."  This last month Emily also started a dancing/movement class after school on Wednesdays.   She's loving it; thank you Voa Voa for signing her up.  Also at the end of the month Emily completed her good behavior chart and got to pick a prize from the Treasure Chest.  She was over the moon she got an Elsa ring for being a good girl.  We are so proud of our little bug!

She has her dance shirt and "ballet slippers" for dance today.

Another dance shirt because it's dance day.

This shirt is perfect for Emily because she goes to Shining Star and she totally shines bright; the world lights up around her.

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