Fresno Friday-CREAM

On opening day I dragged my family to CREAM because I was so excited to try out their ice cream sandwiches.  We waited for awhile in the crazy hot heat and decided after barely moving to try another day.  We drove by a few days later and the line was still nuts.  It's in an area of town we don't frequent so we just got back on that side of town the other day to try it out.  There was a line but a normal line like a few minutes not a few hours.  Kevin and I were going nuts in line trying to narrow down our choices (yes we're that fat!).  We were so excited we could barely contain ourselves.  Luckily I got a sample of their pumpkin ice cream because it had a really strong spice that I didn't like.  I was pretty disappointed because if you know me you know who much I love pumpkin.  So I decided on Salted Caramel ice cream and Butter Sugar cookies.  First of all it was such a mess and secondly and most importantly it was terrible!  The cookies tasted like vegetable oil.  It was so bad I threw it away.  Again if you know me you know it has to be beyond terrible for me to throw away a dessert.  I am still disappointed days later in CREAM.  I will probably give them another shot and try another selection but my hopes are low.

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