Dancing With the Stars- Round 2

From my last DWTS trip we got VIP tickets to the show last night.  The same four girls traveled down to LA for the day again.  However, this time we didn't have to wait in line all day; we got to have lunch, shop, and then line up at 3:45 opposed to first thing in the morning.  We were seated in the first row of the 2nd floor balcony directly across from the judges.  We had a great view of everything and it was the perfect night to go.  It was "famous dances" so I absolutely loved the music and the performances.  During the show we made friends with @corylive who is the host for DWTS.  He was so much fun and made our night a memorable one.  After the show we helped ourselves to the stage floor and took pictures with Julianne Hough (whom I'm dying over), Paula Deen, Noah Galloway (from a previous season), and we sat at the judges table to snap a few shots.  Not too many people get to do that!!!!!  After the show our VIP treatment continued and we got to wait outside the studio for the pros and celebrities to come out.  We met almost everyone!  Seriously almost everyone was very nice.  There were only a few who weren't super friendly.  Unfortunately, my favorite pro is Derek Hough and he never came out so we didn't get a photo with him or Bindi.  I also am in love with Alexa and Carlos PenaVega after meeting them last night.  They were totally real people and genuinely friendly.  However, the highlight of my night was Andy Grammer.  I took a photo with him but then later in the night I saw him still standing by us and I went back up to him to ask him for a huge favor.  I told him my daughter was almost four and every time we get in the car she asks me to play Honey, I'm Good because it's her favorite song.  So I then asked him to shoot her a little video.  He was super generous and kind to send Emily a personalized video.  We love you Andy and I totally voted for you last night!!! See more about this here; you'll see super cute videos!

After an evening of being totally star struck we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed home.  I didn't get much sleep last night but it was totally worth it!!!!

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Shopping in The Grove

Wardrobe change

Hanging out in our seats before the show
Julianne is gorgeous and really sweet.  Star-struck!

The whole night was a 10!!!!!


Paula Deen

Noah Galloway

Jake Pavelka- said his love life is fun in Dallas!

Gorgeous Witney

Carlos talked to us so much and was super sweet.


Alexa- also very friendly and extremely kind

Andy Grammer

Allison Holker


Val was a jokester- we took several selfies

See Andy's Video HERE

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  1. How cool is that!!! What an amazing experience. I'm sooo jealous :)