Hello October

We welcomed October today and everything changed.  We woke up to dark skies and cool weather; I used my heated seat!!!!  We had the best gift today of a little bit of rain; here in California that is a miracle.  I started my morning off a Pumpkin Spice Chai TEA (I NEVER drink coffee...I know you just spit your coffee out in shock didn't you?).  Everyone keeps talking about PSL from Starbucks and I wanted my own version of the season's IT drink so I found this tea at Target.  It's good but not great. If you've haven't figured it out yet from IG, I'll just spell it out for you....I LOVE all things pumpkin; I can't get enough.  So I was pretty ecstatic to find a pumpkin tea.  By the way I enjoyed my mom's homemade delicious pumpkin bread with my pumpkin tea and I'm not even on pumpkin overload. 

 We also kicked off October with our festive gear.  I've been dying to put the girls in their Halloween swag but I made myself wait until October.  So today was Boo shirts and Halloween pj's.  Their shirts are from Target and their pj's are from Walmart.  I keep getting dropped jaws when I mention Walmart but they seriously have the best festive clothes for so cheap.  I would run not walk there right now if I were you!

Target outfit, Freshly Picked Moccs, Sugar & Spice Bow

They love each other so much!

My fashionista and posing diva....

Stop, I die with this pose!

Thank you Patricio's for letting us use your adorable Halloween backdrop.

Best I could do of them together.

We are utterly looking forward to this month and all the holiday festivities.  What do you have planned; I'd love to hear your traditions and fun activities?  

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