Central Valley Today Segment-Pink Products that Give Back

You can catch me today on Central Valley Today on NBC, KSEE 24 at 3:00pm.  My segment will be Pink Products that Give Back.

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, its the most common cancer in women, and its the second leading cause of death in women.  Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who doesn't know some woman in their life who has been affected by breast cancer.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if in our lifetime a cure was found?  It takes lots of research on the road to find a cure.  The following companies are doing their part in giving back in hopes that one day we can all live cancer free.

the (er) factor:

This company aims to inspire women to be happi(er), strong(er), healthi(er), wis(er), and empow(er)ed.  They have two products where 20% of the proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  The Breast Cancer Awareness Pink(er) Mug and the Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet.  The Mug gives you a daily dose of inspiration and the bracelet comes in black or pink leather and is adorned with a sterling silver oval disc with your choice of (er) word.  You can also customize the opposite side of the disc.  Both items retail for $25.  Find more info at www.erisinher.com

Er is in her...find your er inside.

Tin Cup:

Show your support for breast cancer awareness by personalizing your golf balls with a beautiful pink ribbon.  The Tin Cup is a metal mold template that fits over a golf ball.  The package includes a pink sharpie to draw a pink ribbon on your golf ball so that your ball stands out on the green while supporting breast cancer awareness.  $5 of the retail price of $19.95 goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Find more info at www.tin-cup.com

Seattle Chocolate's:

Seattle Chocolate's Extreme Dark Truffle Bar uses all natural ingredients, is gluten-free, vegan, Non-GMO and kosher.  It's an intense dark chocolate with a melt away center.  100% of the net proceeds benefit the Fred Hutchinson Research Center.  Seattle Chocolates has donated $32,000 to the Fred Hutchinson Reseach Center since 2007.  The bars retail for $3.50 each and you can find more info at www.seattleschocolates.com
Additionally, the company from now until the end of December will donate a serving of food to local food banks for every Seattle Chocolates and jcoco purchase made on their website.  

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