2015 Family Photos

The greatest photographer, Stacy Marini, has done it again.  Stacy took our latest family photos and I just love them!  I had a vision for our Christmas cards and Stacy was totally on board and captured the vision.  We took our photos at the Fresno Train Station which is surprisingly beautiful.  
I found Emily's dress first which inspired me to do a black and white shoot with a pop of color.  I've been in love with emerald since last year but only as of recently could I find it in town.  When I found this emerald dress I was so excited for this to be our pop of color.  My mom made Emily a matching necklace and I had the bows made at Sugar and Spice.
The reason I chose the train station was for the Fresno sign.  I knew before we took the photos I wanted our Christmas cards to say, " There's no place like home for the holidays.  May there be joy in your home, love in your heart, and laughter in your life this Christmas season." So when I saw the train station had the Fresno sign I thought it would be perfect because Fresno is our home.  I also wanted a laughing candid photo to convey "laughter in your life."  Luckily we got both and then some!  But not without a ton of work on Stacy's part.  Madison was in one of her moods and VERY hard to work with.  She didn't want to smile or cooperate at all.  I'm so glad we got some good ones despite her stubborness.  I have no idea where she got that?!?!
Thank you Stacy for your patience and hard work.

I just love my little poser.  She does this all on her own!

Emily's 4 year old photo

I also wanted some photos for business and for my blog; so Stacy got these two shots.

These two have one SPECIAL bond!

Outfit credit:
My Dress: White House Black Market / My Necklace and Spike Bracelet: Banana Republic / My Watch: Michael Kors / Emily's Dress: Gap Kids / Madison's Outfit: Carter's / Kevin's Dress Shirt: Macy's

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