Emily's 4th Frozen Birthday Party

It's not possible that my first baby girl is 4!!!!!  Daddy told her to stop growing last night and she said, "But I want to be five."  Emily is FULL of personality.  I am so proud of the little girl that she is and is becoming.  I dare you to find a sweeter more loving 4 year old.  She's never met a stranger and she cares for everyone.  She can never give or receive enough hugs and kisses and she doesn't like to see someone sad or hurt; she's always been this way.  She's also super funny and outgoing.  She's too smart for us and I can't wait for her to start correcting me.  She is just now wearing 4T tops but still 3T bottoms.  Her shoe is a size 8.5/9.  She is just over 30 lbs and about inches.  She still goes to bed at 7 pm and wakes up usually about 6:30 but stays in bed till 7 am.  She takes a nap at 2 pm but its about 50% of the time that she actually falls asleep.  Either way she has to have quiet time in her bed; this mama needs it.  She's gotten just a hair picky with food but basically still will eat anything eventually.  The struggle isn't so much with the food but with the pace; some meals seem endless.  
She takes a dance/movement class at school once a week and loves it.  She loves music and is always requesting a song when we jump into the car.  If we listen to music while getting ready at home she's always grooving and busting a move.  Makes this music lovin' mama so happy!
Wishing my adventure loving, big-hearted, outgoing, friendly baby bug a very happy 4th birthday!!!!  May God continue to bless you!

To celebrate Emily's 4th birthday we had a Frozen Party.  Emily is so blessed with awesome friends and family who came to celebrate with her.  She had such a fun day!  Thank you to everyone who gave up their Saturday to celebrate with us.  We truly appreciate the love:)

Get ready for picture overload:
Queen Elsa- Don't ever refer to her as Emily!

Voa Voa and Elsa

Grandma and Elsa

Grandpa Dennis and Elsa

The cousin clan minus Jake (he had a soccer game)

Elsa and Jorand (She's in love with this boy!)

Tinsley and Elsa

Mom Mom and Elsa

Elsa and her aunties

Mimi and Elsa

Madison was SOOOO happy to play with someone her size

Aren't these two so cute in their crown and antlers?

Baby Queen

My goddaughter dressed as Anna- what a cutie!

Colton and Tinsley- Cheese face

Kentyn- cutie queen

Adorable models

Walking in to see Elsa arrived at her party

Her face was priceless- she ran to her gave her a squeeze then ran back to daddy to drag him along.

Showing off their dresses to Elsa.

Emily getting crowned by Queen Elsa.

This beautiful mama is 40 weeks pregnant today- can you tell?!?! I can't!

I love this face!

Saying bye to Queen Elsa.

She LOVES her Uncle Mike!!!

Elsa with Mom Mom and Papa

Handing out favors to her friends

Kentyn volunteered the kiss; it was so cute!

Emily got a workbench!

Voa Voa gave Emily a gift certificate for a dress up experience at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Cinderella's Castle in Disneyland (We're going a few months).

Elsa and Uncle JJ
These two are way too cute!!!

Just a sneak peek of decor.  See post here for full details.

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