Introducing Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

One of my favorite children's digital play companies, Tiggly just partnered with Sesame Workshop which just released a fun and exciting new app experience called Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen.  This app brings the physical and digital together where little ones can use Tiggly Words Toys to build words, explore language patterns, and discover sounds with the lovable Cookie Monster.  The Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen App can be used with Tiggly Words system but can also be played without them.  As children make 3 and 4 letter words with Cookie Monster they hear all the letter sounds and how they blend to make complete words.  Children are developing skills like letter recognition, letter sounds, and word blending.  After making words Cookie Monster and your children get to share the cookies which teaches social skills and even self control.  “New research tells us adding a tactile dimension to digital learning enhances children’s learning experience on their tablets,” said Dr. Azadeh Jamalian, Chief Learning Officer & Co-Founder of Tiggly. “It’s truly an honor for us to see Sesame Workshop believe in our mission and support our important movement to bring physical play into children’s digital sandbox.” This wonderful app is available NOW on the Apple App Store for $2.99 or is available for free as part of the Tiggly Words Learning System.  Don't forget about Tiggly Words, Tiggly Math and Tiggly Shapes, each of which is available for $29.95. 

For more info check out Tiggly's website HERE.  To download the app click HERE.


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Tiggly's Mission:
"Tiggly is a learning company pioneering a new way to educate children in the digital age.  At Tiggly, we are on a mission to build the premier digital destination for early childhood play and learning. We're designing learning toys that interact with our playful apps to help kids grown in the most engaging way possible.  We place high value on children's thought and the learning involved in their play and the magic that happens in the integration of physical and digital play."

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