School Days- Trusting Turtles-October

October was a super busy month for my Trusting Turtle.  At the beginning of the month she was the Turtle of the week so she got to bring a "show and share item" each day that began with the letter of the week, C.  She also got to take home the class plush turtle, Mac.  There were some other perks in class like being the line leader.  Emily really enjoyed being Turtle of the Week and playing with Mac at home.  She and Mac did lots of playing, they slept together, worked on her momo, read, and more.  Emily's class also lead Chapel in October.  I was out of town for work but daddy, grandma, and great grandma went to see Emily up on stage.  
At the end of the month Shining Star had a Harvest Party.  It was a cowgirl/boy theme and Emily was super excited to dress as a cowgirl. That morning I worked in the classroom and during the party I helped with a game.  Daddy came to play with Emily too.  The kids get to play games, get treats, and go the the "pumpkin patch" in the gym and get a pumpkin.
In the month of October Emily's class learned the letters Aa, Cc, Dd, Gg, Jj, the numbers 3 & 4,  the colors orange & black, the shape square, the math concept was patterning, and the bible verse was, "I will sing to the lord."  

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