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Speck was a large part of my Gift Giving Guide because they offer AMAZING products for all your tech tools.  I wanted to share Speck with you in their own post because there is so much more to see.  Speck was very generous to send me a SmartShell for my Macbook Air, a StyleFolio for my iPad mini, and a CandyShell and MightyShell for our cell phones.  I know from experience that if you're technology isn't protected adequately it can be a disaster!  I've dropped several phones and shattered two before I got smart and protected my phone with a Speck Candy Shell.  This cover in particular is extra cool because it has a slot built in for a credit card and ID.  The SmartShell for my laptop is thin and light but durable.  I didn't want anything that was going to add a lot of weight thus the reason I purchased a Macbook Air in the first place but the SmartShell totally met my expectations.  The StyleFolio for my mini iPad is stylish and very functional.  I really like the clasp that keeps it closed and the different levels to open and view your screen.

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Their mission:
Speck creates award-winning cases designed to make an impact—and take one. Since 2001, we’ve been making distinctive products for the world’s top smartphones, tablets, laptops, watches, and backpacks. We deliver a balance of artful design and military–grade protection, for a difference you can see and feel. Our roots are in the heart of Silicon Valley, at the intersection of design and technology, inspiring us to craft masterfully engineered products. We believe that excellence is in the details, which is why we create cases that enable you to go more places and enjoy more from your mobile devices. Get to know us at 

Their inspiration:
Designers, tinkerers, and inventors of all kinds. Our engineering team has reached outside of the box to pull inspiration from fashion, automobile, tech, and even more industries to develop the best-looking and most effective protection for the devices you rely on every day.

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