Elf on the Shelf Ideas from Lemon Squeeze Designs

Whose preparing for that pesky d*** elf?!?!?!  I kid, I kid.  I actually love collaborating with Santa and giving him ideas to share with all his little elves.  We are already talking about Jingle in our house and eagerly awaiting his arrival from the North Pole.  As much as I love playing with Jingle and helping him create mischief around the house and keeping the girls in line I'm always thrilled with the idea of some help.  Lemon Squeeze Designs has created the perfect Elf on the Shelf package for all you busy parents.  This package includes ideas, notes, photo props, and blank cards so you are not desperately coming up with ideas at 11:00 pm each night.  {Who can relate to just about falling asleep and saying, "**** I didn't move that stinkin' Elf!"?}
Check out Lemon Squeeze Designs for this idea and so much more.  They offer photo booth props, lunch box notes, prints, party packs, games, and iron-on transfers.  I just love this shop and you will find many people do; they've earned a 5 star rating from their customers.

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****BONUS:  See my Elf of the Shelf Idea Calendar Below****

Check back in the coming weeks to see these notes and props in action.


Please tell us a little bit about yourself:  
Hello!  My name is Brenna.  I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!  I am married to my best friend for the past 17 years and we have 6 fun and outrageously busy kids!  I never imagined how busy that many kids can be!  I am a self-taught designer of fun printables...and I just love it!

Please tell us a little bit about your company and how you got started:
I started selling bottle cap images back in 2012 on Etsy.  Then I discovered the endless possibilities of digital design.  So, that has grown from bottle cap images to subway art, cupcake toppers to party supplies and games to educational pages!  It's been exciting to sell my designs on Jane.com and Eleventhavenue.com as well! I LOVE bright contrasting colors, and I try to incorporate that into each design!

What has been your greatest lesson in running your own business?
I've learned that you have to be consistent!  Don't let the lows disappoint...I just keep your head up and look ahead!

What’s your greatest tip for entrepreneurs?
Keep trying and DON'T give up!  Some things may not sell as well as others...keep your creativity going!

What does your normal day look like?
I still have a preschooler at home...so I have had to make a checklist for each day!  That checklist includes things like playtime, answer emails, dishes, laundry, ship orders, take vitamins, DRINK LOTS of water, exercise, check emails again, put dinner in the crockpot and work on new designs during naptime!  Then my other 5 kids get home from school in the afternoon and we work on homework and chores, head out to piano, and dance, home for dinner and family time and bedtime!  Then we start all over the next day.  Phew!

Who inspires you?
I love designing fun activities and invitations for my kids...so my kids are the ones that inspire me!
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